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Life ban for Discriminitive Councillors

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:08 pm    Post subject: Life ban for Discriminitive Councillors Reply with quote

Councillors who discriminate on grounds of mental health should
be barred from Public Life.

Parish Councils and the general public should welcome applications from under represented people in their community; suffers from mental health should be embraced never excluded.

Within 3 months He decided to get the whole council to give me a vote of no confidence over no breach of the code of conduct without any explanations as to what they were or which code I broke.

He intimated me via my family to resign rather than go through the proper procedures or supporting me to be an effective councillor, if a serious complaint was made and I broke codes in my first few months failing to use the correct channels is improper. Would you do if your Chairman did this?

July 27th 2007 was the best day I recall for a long time and this man destroyed it. My intentions were pure and wanted to do the following:-

To bring fresh ideas to a bunch of old, boring, incompetent council members, half of which are stale and should have retired years ago to make things happen where we live.
To gain personal security where my circumstances are very unstable.
To build and secure other opportunities as a result of being a councillor in the form of a local trustee in village charities.
To gain a personal character reference which would help with employment opportunities?
To have a younger voice on the council which is representative of over 40’s males.

This man has taken away my personal development in more ways I care to think of, sadly due to circumstances I found myself in it was impossible to use the local statutory authorities to bring about justice and see this man removed from public office indefinitely.

Any councillor who has mental health issues should be automatically given a mentor by the monitoring officer at the District Council and given appropriate support and development time.

Any councillor who has illnesses or could be perceived as vulnerable in order to pursue statutory complaints procedures should be given an independent advocate from another Parish Council.

Any councillor who is found guilty of neglect of office, withdrawal of opportunities, personal and improper use of position should be barred from public office indefinite.

In such circumstances the whole council should have to swear an oath of confidentiality regarding circumstances of events, should they be found to lie they would be subject to disciplinary action or the whole council to stand for re-election, the outcome would not have resulted in my swift exit.

Any councillor should sit for two terms only, resign for one then seek re-election or co-option.

My biggest downfall was being too keen and having “An embarrasing illness”; someone who treated me like a child, reporting every move to my parents in the hope to threaten my ability to operate in my own rights and make a difference as an adult of the local community.

What my Parish Council did was disgraceful and no other councillor should ever encounter the long term adverse affects these individuals placed upon me hoping I would exit quietly.

How would you feel if the council took one mans word for why He did not want you to stay, refuse to allow you to have your say and then sweep things under the carpet and carry on as if “Business is open as usual” or 18 months later cannot find a replacement or second chance after re-advertising without finding a successful applicant with the right qualities. Was it personal?

I plead with all local parish councils, monitoring officers to eradicate discrimination on the grounds of mental health and take courage & stand against the people who do this to others for good.

The evidence I have is substantial and raises significant concerns to which I am powerless to change all because one man decided the course of my destiny, reducing the quality of another’s life and continues to do so.

My local parish council is one council which should stand for public election now.
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